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Applying for a HPCC Account

Only CUNY faculty, research staff, their collaborators at other universities and their public and private sector partners, and currently enrolled CUNY students (who MUST have a faculty sponsor) are allowed to use the CUNY HPCC systems. Applications for accounts are accepted at any time, but accounts expire on 30 September and must be renewed before then.

A CUNY HPCC account is required to log into the HPCC systems. Faculty, staff or students at CUNY may apply for a HPCC account by following this link: (

Please be sure to complete all parts of the application including information on publications, funded projects, and resources required. With regard to the latter, please indicated the number of processor hours the are required for the academic year. For example, if you expect that you will submit 30 jobs per week, each using 16 processors, and each running, for 2 hours, then you requirement is for 49,920 processor hours (30 jobs * 52 weeks *16 processors * 2 hours).

By applying for and obtaining an account, the user agrees to comply with the CUNY Acceptable Use Policy, the HPCC User Account and Password Policy, and to include a Citation regarding use of the CUNY HPC resources.

Acceptable Use Policy

Use of the computing resources at the HPCC is governed by the CUNY Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). The AUP is documented at and


Users of the CUNY HPC systems must include the following citation on any publication or presentation that includes results or is based on work using CUNY HPC resources:

"This research was supported, in part, by a grant of computer time from the City University of New York High Performance Computing Center under NSF Grants CNS-0855217, CNS-0958379 and ACI-1126113."

Renewal applications should include a list of publications or presentation that resulted from the use of the CUNY HPC resources as future grants of time will be based, in part, on past research accomplishments.

Users are request to sent a copy of the publication or presentation to the Center either electronically ( or by mail to CUNY HPC, Building 1M-206, College of Staten Island, 2800 Victory Boulevard, Staten Island, NY 10314.

User Account and Password Policy

A user account is issued to an individual user. Accounts are not to be shared.

By default all users have access to CHIZEN, BOB, KARLE and ANDY. Access to SALK is granted by request only. The default disk storage for a general account is 50GB on each system.

Users are responsible for protecting their passwords. Passwords are not to be shared.

When an account is opened, the user will receive a one use only password sent by mail to his university mailing address. The user, upon receiving the one use password should log onto the HPCC systems and change the password. If the password is not changed within 30 days of issuance, it will be expired.

The new password must conform to the CUNY password policy, which requires that it be at least eight (8) characters long, include at least one capitalized letter, one numerical character, and one of the following special characters:

 ! @ # $ % & * = + ) ( 

Passwords are good for 92 days. You will receive a notice two weeks before the end of the 92 day period, requesting that you change your passwords. If you do not change your passwords, your accounts will be locked and the password will need to be reset.

How to change password

The command to change a password is "passwd". An example of its use follows:

[ ~]$ passwd
Changing password for user
Changing password for
(current) UNIX password: old_password
New UNIX password: new_password
Retype new UNIX password: new_password
passwd: all authentication tokens updated successfully.
[ ~]$ 


All users belong to a group.
To locate your group(s), use the following command:


To share files within a group. 1. Set group ownership to the file

chgrp groupname filename

2. Set the file permissions; to read, write

chmod g+r filename
chmod g+w filename